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At the HUELVA ASSOCIATION FOR THE GIFTED AND TALENTED ARETÉ we strive to give a better response to the needs of the group of people with High Capacities. Our actions are directed to five areas that constitute our strategic priorities:

Public Awareness

We promote and defend the rights of people with High Capabilities. At Areté we proactively participate in regulatory developments and collaboration agreements that recognize High Capabilities effectively.

Social Awareness

Raising society's awareness of the reality that people with High Capabilities live is essential for their full inclusion and acceptance. In Areté we enhance and improve the social image of the collective through awareness and visualization actions that especially affect the media.


We carry out activities, meetings, conferences, sessions for contact between families with members with high capacities and between people with high capacities in the province of Huelva

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Training Workshops

We focus our efforts on the needs of people with High Capabilities, actively working to offer a set of workshops aimed at children.

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Association Development

We collaborate at a national and regional level with the associative movement of Gifted ties, in particular, and special educational needs, in general.

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